Electric Griot

"Electric Griot" is a series of illustrations I've developed that highlight our power to overcome obstacles and grow stronger from our struggles.  A “griot” is a traditional West African storyteller and keeper of oral history, however “Electric Griot” is a term that all of us can assume.  It is someone who is/is becoming in tune with their electromagnetic existence (just think about how we are naturally affected by electromagnetic frequencies—light/images, sound/words, and heat/comfort—and how we can find more peace of mind, body, and spirit, if we seek to understand and live in harmony with those responses). An Electric Griot is also someone who is embracing their life journey and sharing their story with others to inspire and understand the world around them better.  After doing a few exhibitions in 2019, I am now working on my very first graphic novel!


If you are interested in supporting this project and future work, check out art prints and merchandise available below or connect with me via email to learn more about how you can support!

Past Shows

20th Annual National Arts Program Exhibit @ Philadelphia City Hall

December 9, 2019 through January 24, 2020

First Friday @ KCFC featuring Zoe Lowry

Friday, September 6 | 5-10pm

Electric Griot Reception @ Urban Art Gallery
Saturday, September 7 | 6-9pm

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