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Fearless Matrescence

Two years before becoming a Mother, I reached a point where I felt like I didn’t have an identity. I was making all of the “responsible” choices in Life, but my Creative Spirit was crushed. With this realization I began drawing again as therapy, and in time found that my sketches told the story of my inner struggle to understand Self and Purpose.

Upon becoming a Mother, it was clear that I had a choice to make: to Live in Fear or to be Fearless. In Fear, we live in pursuit of stability, losing Faith in our dreams when we do not see a stable path to obtaining them. Without Fear, we live in pursuit of happiness, attracting the resources we need to bring our dreams to fruition, and only living more fully in Purpose over time. If I could not find a way to be Fearless, then I could never expect to teach my daughter how to be happy. While living fearlessly is a life-long process, with some days/weeks/months easier to do so than others, the commitment to doing so (commitment to acknowledging relapses, re-centering, re-assessing, and re-TRYing) is really one's mark of fearlessness. And in understanding this, I revisited the drawings I created before creating Life and during my transition to Motherhood to put together a show that represents my rebirth as a Mother and Fearless human being. "Fearless Matrescence" will be on display at Hauska in Philadelphia in May 2019.

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